The Ishizaka Tatami shop has been in business since1852, thats over 163 years of experience. Tatami making has been passed down from generation to genera- tion, father to son. After all these years we still offer an authentic hand-made product, always made the with highest quality natural materials from a true mas- ter. Hiroshi Ishizaka is a 5th generation master of the Ishizaka tatami. After years of work and dedication, he has perfected the tatami craft. His ability to hand make customized tatami and Ryukyu-tatami sets him apart from all other tatami shops. He has the ability to produce and satisfy every aspect of your tatami needs. Everyday honing of his skills of precision and speed, allow him to pro- duce the highest quality tatami. Hiroshi uses the most traditional techniques with all natural materials for his tatami. His dedication is to the quality of work, highest quality materials, and customer satisfaction, as it has been for years. Recently, the tatami industry has become mass produced, using machines and synthetic materials. Mass production reduces quality and the ability to care for each tatami and customer. His tatami are tightly woven, durable, natural materi- als, and hand-crafted from beginning to end. Tatami are made from all natural material that breathes, has a great aroma, that will last for many years. (This allows the tatami to be a natural air freshener and cleaner.) With this quality you won't have to replace your Ishizaka tatami! These are the best you will ever find. At Ishizaka tatami we hope to build relationships of 'Ichi-go ichi-e (meaning: meeting once in a lifetime, and will be cherished) between us Here at Ishizaka tatami you can feel the quality and care in every stitch.

Hiroshi Ishizaka

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Company: Ishizaka Tatami, LTD

Location: 489 Wada, Tama-shi, Tokyo-prefecture, Japan 206-0001